Lateral Context

Think laterally. Widen the context. Solve creatively.

Technology spins the world into ever vaster webs of interconnected systems. Critical business processes, from customer experience optimization to go-to-market planning and execution, get cross-organizational and cross-functional. Complexity and entanglement increase.

The benefits of breadth and range grow. The value of perspectives from diverse experiences and interdisciplinary thinking increase. We need people with bigger toolboxes, capable of pattern-recognition beyond the obvious. 

Capable of thinking laterally, widening the context and solving creatively.


The trends to watch. And understand.

Technology convergence - computational, sensor, wireless and production technologies and algorithms - means that advances are increasingly mutually reinforcing. The impossible pie-in-the-sky use case of yesterday may be feasible today. And the competitive lens through which you need to view the world, is expanding. 

You'll need to understand where the contours of technologies and your business overlap. Understand how they have impacted adjacent industries and how they could shape yours. Understand what your competitors are doing. Understand the potential they hold for you. See how we can help.


Timing is everything.

The impact and importance of some technologies - e.g., 6G, Quantum Computing or Generative AI - may seem inevitable. But performance, reliability and cost levels need to align favourably for your use case. Markets, regulations and your customers need to be ready.

Remember that back in 2001, mobile operators in Europe were rushing to deploy their 3G networks. A lack of compatible handsets then delayed commercial launches. Defining features like mobile browsing and location-based services were doomed by user concerns and pricing. The killer mobile VAS remained SMS for another decade, until smartphones really took off. 

Timing is everything. Know yours. See how we can help.


Meaningful impact where it matters.

Great products and services solve real pain points. But that's a necessary rather than sufficient condition. 

Say, adding video to a home security system may seem an obvious improvement. But is it a necessity or an unwanted privacy concern? How do changes in form factor, installation and operation impact fundamental selling points? How will differences in go-to-market, service and end-of-life processes impact customer touch points? 

Know how your customers understand your value proposition. Know your end-to-end customer journey and the critical touch points. Understand the levers you have at your disposal. Create meaningful impact where it matters. See how we can help.


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